Boost Your Brain Power

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Boost Your Brain Power

The mind is a muscle and according to a recent article published in Success Magazine, our brains start to power down in our early 40s! I imagine that like me, everyone wants to hang on to that brain power and do whatever it takes to make that “mind muscle” work for you. Lets identify some of the things that contribute to this mind weakening and talk about how to avoid them.

Strong brain

Strong brain

Contributors to diminished brain power:

  • Frequently and quickly switching back and forth between tasks
  • Over focusing, remembering every little detail
  • The need to instantly respond to emails, text messages, etc.

Here are a few tips to boost your brain power from the Center for Brain Health at the University of Texas at Dallas:

  • Rest your brain: Give yourself some quiet time each day. Even just a few minutes of mental rest can help your decision making, problem solving and productivity.
  • Take things one task at a time: Focus on one task at a time. Finish one thing before starting the rest. This is easier said than done in a fast paced workplace that puts high value on multi-tasking but its essential to improving accuracy and productivity as less focus shifting helps you spend less time on each task in the long run.
  • Prioritize: Make and to do list and tackle the most crucial items first before moving on to less important tasks. This will help improve your productivity and efficiency.
  • Mix it up: Just say no to the status quo! Mix it up. The more creative you are at work the more your brain is stretched and grown in turn producing even more creative solutions and ideas.

We hope that with these few tips you’ll be better able to boost your brain power and run your business. Being an entrepreneur is no easy task and we all can use a little boost in the brain game!


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