The Profit Cycle

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The Profit Cycle

Profit Cycle_Graphic

As a small business owner, investing in your people can sometimes seem far away from the bottom line. In this cycle, shared by Bob Nilsen, former President of Burger King and current CEO of Cafe Rio, the payoff of investment in employee training, morale and well-being is clear. Here’s a quick summary:


1. Invest in your people, helping them become trained and happy

2. Your people will treat your customers well

3. Satisfied customers generate sales

4. Sales generate profits

5. Profits can the be reinvested into your people, your customers, sales generating activities and profit generating activities–and thus success


This never ending, virtuous profit cycle is one that takes sacrifice. It’s hard to delay putting cash into advertising, websites or capital investments. But, this cycle has a powerful, compounding effect that in the long-run is much more meaningful, profitable and effective. Let’s put it to work today!




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