Analysis for Managers: The Most Important Measure

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Analysis for Managers: The Most Important Measure

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Today’s post is to help you as a leader, manager, entrepreneur, family member and/or individual to perform perhaps the most important analysis of them all. And it begins with a question posed by management scholar and innovation strategist, Clayton Christensen: How will you measure your life?

After all is said and done what is truly most important to you? What are your deepest goals and desires? When you look back, what will be your measure of personal success?

No doubt, the vast majority would put family, relationships with spouses and children, faith, values, positive impact in the community, etc. as their measures of success. Now the question is, how well do you allocate your personal resources to reflect those desires?

When you analyze a company, you don’t look at it in terms of its intentions, you look at it in terms of how it actually spends it’s time, money, physical and human capital. Is it investing in new products, markets, technology or talent? Or is it grinding at the gears chugging along without much current investment in hopes of finding another organization to purchase?

Now what about you? As you look back on today, how did you spend your resources? Did the investments you made today align with your deepest goals and desires?

If not, it’s never too late to reallocate your resources and decide how you’ll measure your life.

This may be the most important executive decision you ever make!

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