How To Fund a Living Trust and What to do After Someone Dies

Posted on Jan 18, 2021 in San Diego Lawyer | Comments Off on How To Fund a Living Trust and What to do After Someone Dies

PART 1 – How do I put these things in my Living Trust?

GQ explains. House, Car, Timeshare, Personal Property, Business, Partnership, Corporate Stock, LLC, Sole Prop, Trademark – Copyright – Patent, Promissory Note.

PART 2 – Gary Quackenbush and Lorena Leroy explain what to do after someone dies and you need to distribute property from a Living Trust.  

PART 3 – Q&A – 

1  – I do not have any children. If I die without a Will, who gets my things? Who are my heirs?

2 – My husband has 3 children from a prior marriage that he never talks to and together we have a daughter. He has no Will or anything. He has a house and a retirement account. When he dies, I get the house right?

3 –  My son has a step-son whom he has been raising as his own.  If my son dies before he inherits money from me, will his inheritance go to his step-son? (ie. does a step-child automatically inherit from his step-parent?)

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