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Leadership Series: Conversation

Posted on Jul 30, 2016 in Entrepreneur, Small Business, Small Business Tips and Tricks Series, Success | Comments Off on Leadership Series: Conversation

Leadership Series: Conversation   You’re heading to an important business event with industry experts and thought-leaders primed as the keynotes. Speaking starts at 8pm but the networking mixer begins at 7pm. So what do you do? In most cases, the average leader would justify his/her way out of thinking it necessary and show up at 8pm for the speakers. But why? Maybe because you’re busy, but we all know that making great connections is essential for success. How about because it’s uncomfortable? Tiring? Or perhaps you think you just don’t have much to say. Well then, you’re in the...

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No Kids? Get an Estate Plan!

Posted on Oct 19, 2015 in Estate Planning, San Diego Lawyer | Comments Off on No Kids? Get an Estate Plan!

No Kids? Get an Estate Plan! A recent US News article recently reiterated one of our GQ Law mottos- Everyone Needs an Estate Plan! This particular article targets those who do NOT have children. Often times, people get an Estate Plan to protect their minor children, make sure their kids get their assets after they die, etc. Having children creates an urgency about Estate Planning. So, what about those without kids? Do they still need an estate plan? YES! Heirs or not, you cannot take your assets with you and if you have an opinion about who gets your stuff, you need to have an Estate Plan....

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Tips for Hiring Top Talent

Posted on Jul 31, 2015 in Entrepreneur, San Diego Lawyer, Setting up a Small Business, Small Business, Tips for Entrepreneurs | Comments Off on Tips for Hiring Top Talent

Tips for Hiring Top Talent     Every business owner knows how difficult, time consuming and expensive the hiring process can be. And on the other hand, every business owner knows how powerful and impactful a great new hire can be for the business. For that reason Andre Lavoie, CEO and Co-Founder of ClearCompany offers his advice on hiring. Here are his five key points:   1. Avoid basic, run-of-the-mill searches. “Generic skill or technical-based searches, while applicable, will result in people who simply mention those terms in their resumes. Instead, try including detailed...

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Working with Gen Y, the Millennials

Posted on Apr 14, 2014 in San Diego Lawyer, Success, Tips for Entrepreneurs | Comments Off on Working with Gen Y, the Millennials

Tips for Working with Gen Y, the Millennials With each new graduating class, more and more millennials are entering the workforce. Although Gen Y, a.k.a. “millennials,” born between the early 1980s and 2000, are often viewed as lazy or entitled this new generation can be a great asset to your business. Read on to learn how to make working with Gen Y employees a strength for your business. Gen Y Strengths – Tech savvy, especially with social media- Strong multi-taskers – Hold high expectations of themselves and employers- Prefer to collaborate and work in teams- Seek...

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