5 Things Every Entrepreneur Should Know

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5 Things Every Entrepreneur Should Know

Paul B. Brown, Forbes entrepreneurship columnist, gives 23 wonderful insights from 30+ years of experience. I’ll give you my 5 favorites. See the full article here.
1. The best way to predict the future is to create it. If you’re wondering if today, this month, this year, is going to be successful, you’re the one that makes it happen!
2. The most important decision you can make is where to spend your time. A common question asked of successful people is, “How do you balance your time?” A common answer is, “You can’t!” It’s all about priorities. Family, employment, faith, health, etc. Define them clearly and live by them the best that you can.

3. The best entrepreneurs don’t come up with great ideas, they solve market needs. In the ups and downs, bulls and bears of the marketplace, a customer’s “wants” can suddenly fly right out the window. Truly meeting a need is where great potential lies.
4. Here’s the only market research you need: Get your product out in the marketplace and see if it sells. “Ship then test, ship then test” says legendary venture capitalist, Guy Kawasaki. The best research data you can get for your next new product or service is the opinion of your customers.
5. As much as you are going to fight it, you really need a (really smart) advisory board. The best resources you have are people who are subject matter experts. Here at GQ Law, we can help you with all things legal.
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