5 Things You Should Know About Social Media

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5 Things You Should Know About Social Media



Everyone knows that social media has been changing the way the world works–especially in business. Marketing just ten years ago isn’t the same as it is today. Here’s a few quick tips from Entrepreneur columnist, John Rampton, that will help educate your business’ social media decisions.


1. Facebook is moving towards an older demographic

Rampton shares the following on Facebook users: “According to an infographic produced by Adweek using data from eMarketer detailing the demographic trends in social media for 2016, Facebook is still leading the market among social networking, but it’s there’s a projected 7.6 percent share increase among users 65 years old and older, the largest share increase among all demographics. The eMarketer data suggests that shares among the younger millennial demographic (18 – 24 year-olds) will decrease.”


2. The future is handheld

comScore, a digital analytics firm reports that in 2014 the number of handheld device users surpassed the number of mobile users—a huge landmark. Today, having a strong website that’s mobile friendly is a must to establish credibility and gain customers’ trust.


3. Social networks are becoming search engines

Google isn’t the only place customers will go for info on your company. Rampton shares that customers “are looking directly to sites like YouTube and Facebook (where every company has a presence), or in apps like Yelp,” to help them decide which company to choose. Having a simple presence in all of the popular social media sites is an important way to build business presence.


4. Politics will play out on social media

Keeping your own personal accounts on these same sites your business is on will help to keep you updated on trends, world events, and even political decisions that might affect your company. Rampton says, “Whereas in earlier years, a social media presence was a novelty move, it is now necessary to be active on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.”


5. Big data is used to personalize

The big data movement may seem over your head, but it’s really right at your fingertips. Making sure that you’re keeping track of your customers and your potential customers (through the use of your business’ customer data, market research, etc.) you can know really how to help them. There is more information on your customer waiting to be accessed than is even imaginable, but an effort has to be made to find it.


We hope these five tips will help you feel the importance of social media and hopefully move you to step up your online game personally or as a company. We look forward to connecting with you!

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