Becoming a Coach

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Becoming a Coach

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Thinking back to the most impactful people in your lives, who have they been?

For many, it’s family members, friends, bosses and undoubtedly–sports or other coaches. Coaches in particular tend to have a special place in peoples’ hearts as these coaches often expected the most of of them and gave them the most time and energy.

Likewise, it could be said that any good teacher, mentor or influencer is a “coach.” Today, we’re going to discuss Joseph Weintraub and James Hunt’s four reasons managers should spend more time not only receiving coaching but being a coach.

First: Coaching is essential for achieving business goals

Weitraub and Hunt in their May 2015 HBR article discuss how mangers that invest time in coaching see that coaching is not a “nice to have” aspect in the job force but a “must have.” They understand that talent needs to be worked, molded and grown and that talent is what will drive business results.


Second: Coaching can (and should be!) enjoyable

Few things are as rewarding as watching things grow. Think about it. Parents raising children, a gardner growing flowers, a businessperson growing their customer base–all rewarding, in their own right, because of growth.


Third: Coaching is satisfying for the curious

The writers share : “Coaching managers ask a lot of questions. They are genuinely interested in finding out more about how things are going, what kinds of problems people are running into, where the gaps and opportunities are, and what needs to be done better.” Learning about others and how to help them solve their problems can be immensely satisfying to the curious.


Finally: Coaching establishes connection

It is human nature to desire to be connected. And coaching is a fantastic way to facilitate it. As a coach shows empathy and works with a coachee, deep and lasting relationships can be formed; these can be something that grows to be more than a business transaction. These relationships can become something of value that creates bonds and builds a more meaningful sense of humanity in the workplace.


Overall, becoming a coach is a fantastic way to give back to those who have coached you. There is no sum of money and no praise worthy enough to repay a coaching debt, but becoming a great coach is perhaps the best and most desirable way to show appreciation to those who have gone before.


Now it’s your turn. Who do you know that needs a coach? Reach out, it’s time to give back!

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