Holidays as a Business Owner: Part 1 Holiday Cards

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With an ever increasing number of holiday events, plays, parties, dinners, etc, staying on top of well wishes at the office can easily be put on the back burner.  If you’re a business owner, use the quick tips and ideas in our 2 part Small Business Holiday series to wow your clients and associates this season.
Part 1: Tips for Proper Christmas Card Etiquette from
 1. Be aware of which holidays each recipient celebrates. “Happy Holidays” and “Season’s Greetings” cards are an easy way to avoid offense.
2.  Mail your cards as early as possible. Ideally your cards will arrive in early or mid-December.
3.  Use handwriting wherever possible, especially on the outside of envelopes and when signing the inside of the cards. This will show your clients that you care enough to take a few minutes to give them some personalized attention.
4. Always include a return address label.
5. Don’t send e-cards as a substitute for real cards. A holiday card should be an act of generosity with a personal touch, not a clickable link in an email.
6. When sending cards to business associates, keep it professional and send to their office.  Mail cards to the homes of co-workers rather than handing them out in the office.
While a card alone is nice, many professionals like to also send a gift to important clients and business associates. Check back Monday for Part 2 of our Small Business Holiday series where we’ll have tips for gift giving to clients and associates.