Common Tax Mistakes: Tax Season 2015

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Common Tax Mistakes: Tax Season 2015

common tax mistakesWith tax season in full swing its time to remind ourselves of the common mistakes that tax payers make when filing taxes.

A recent article published by ABC News outlines some of the most common tax mistakes made by filers each year. Many of these mistakes can be avoided by proper planning and organization and a good, thorough proofreading of your return. Want more return filing advice? The IRS lists out their top 8 common tax mistakes in this article. Here are the highlights.

Social Security Numbers: Be sure to double check your SSN, that of your spouse and dependents. If they’re not correct, your return will get rejected.

Double check names: Misspelled names will get your return rejected as well.

Paper returns: Don’t forget to attach W2s and other documents if you file by mail. The IRS actually recommends that you file online.

You can avoid most tax return errors by using IRS e-file. People who do their taxes on paper are about 20 times more likely to make an error than e-filers. IRS e-file is the most accurate way to file your tax return.


Proofread: Be sure to proof read your returns for type-os.

Math mistakes: Be sure to double check your calculations.

We hope this tax season goes smoothly for all of you and that you can avoid these common tax mistakes. As always, if you are in need of tax help whether that be help with filing your return this year or getting out from under back taxes, we are here to help! Please call our office today to set up a FREE initial consultation with Attorney Gary Quackenbush and his team. 858-549-8600