Content Marketing: The Rule of Thirds

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Content Marketing: The Rule of Thirds

Competition for a customer’s time has never been higher. But at the same time, jumping into the marketing mix has never been easier. But how much do I spend? And where do I spend it? Michael Brenner, owner of NewsCred, a content marketing software company, shares his formula: the “Rule of Thirds.” We’ll break it into three steps.


First: Assign a marketing budget

The amount is up to you and depends greatly on your industry…but have something! The key is to allocate a certain amount of money each month, quarter or year—depending on your budget cycles—and to use that strictly for getting your business’ name out there.


Second: Split your marketing budget into thirds

  • One-third on technology / infrastructure
  • One-third on content
  • One-third on paid distribution


Third: Split your content budget into thirds

  • One-third on licensed content
  • One-third on original content
  • One-third  on User Generated Content (UGC) or co-created content with employees, influencers and/or customers


With the rule of thirds in place, you’ll have the money set aside, the right allocation of funds to drive your plan and the diversified and targeted content to captivate your customers. Good luck and we look forward to seeing your plans in action!