Crowdsourcing for Small Business- Maximizing Your Time

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Crowdsourcing for Small Business

Now that’s you’ve read through GQ’s e-book Accidentally Self Employed and met with him to set up the right business format, you’re on your way to small business success, right? Well, at least you’ve gotten over the first hurdle.

According to the Small Business Administration only about half of all small businesses make it past the 5 year mark. Gary and the team here at GQ Law want your business to be one of those 50% who make it. We’re going to be posting a series of tips and tricks to help keep your small business in the green. Read on about our first trick: crowdsourcing.
crowd sourcing


  • Time is your most important resource so use it wisely and effectively.
  • Use crowdsourcing to help you get things done faster. Use crowdsourcing sites to find other people who can do things that take you a long time, faster, and for a reasonable price. Time is money!
  • Use crowdsourcing for things like gathering and organizing data, online marketing, website creation and maintenance, and social media updates and tracking among other things.

According to ratings on Ranker, the 5 sites listed below are are the top crowdsourcing websites. Some are more data driven while others offer online access to freelancers including writers, developers, graphic artists, mobile developers and marketers.


Take some time to look through these crowdsourcing sites to see how you can use them to maximize your time. If you still need help getting your business started, making the decision between LLC or Corporation, contact our office today to set up an appointment with Gary- 858-549-8600.