Digital Transformation: Our World is Evolving, Is Your Company?

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Digital Transformation: Our World is Evolving, Is Your Company?

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Just out of curiosity…

What was the first thing you did today?

You just stepped into line at the DMV, what do you do?

How has your job changed over the past 10 years? Or if you haven’t been in the workforce that long, did your job even exist a decade or two in the past?

And finally, last time you made a purchase for a Christmas gift, how did you decide what to buy and where to buy it?


No doubt, technology has changed the way we live. We are constantly connected, always being advertised to and last year’s “ways of working” are outdated. We’re living in an era of digital transformation.

Now, the question is, are you leading your organization through the digital change necessary to keep up with (and we hope, outpace) your competitors and offer outstanding value to your customers?

With this question in mind, our next series is called: Digital Transformation. A new set of posts where we’ll help you get started (or help you continue) on the path to improving your customer experience, digitizing your day-to-day operations, and even redefining or reinventing your business model for a digital landscape.


The graphic below, developed by digital consultancy Cognizant, is an excellent way to summarize this process of organizational change.

First, we become aware of a need to change

Second, we design a roadmap (strategy) of how to approach the transformation

And finally, we relentlessly focus on the implementation/execution of that plan


The next few posts will be regarding three critical areas of digital transformation, developed as a framework by researchers from MIT and Capgemini Consulting. Following are the main topics:

Transforming the customer experience

Transforming operational processes

Transforming your business model


We look forward to discussing such an exciting and relevant topic within the fast-evolving business environment and hope these principles will better arm you to continually pivot with, and even be in front of, your ever-changing customer.