Digital Transformation: Transforming the Customer Experience

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Digital Transformation: Transforming the Customer Experience

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One important area companies are transforming digitally is in their customer experience. The customer experience can be bucketed into three categories:

Customer Understanding

A company can create customer understanding using data and predictive analytics, being more deeply involved in their pain points through analysis of social media, budding trends and successes/failures of other organizations’ interactions with customers in varying industries. Social media, advanced search and much improved CRM systems have made this type of information much more accessible, organized, and affordable. Resources that used only to be available to deep-pocketed companies are now readily available for much smaller organizations.


Top-line growth

With a better understanding of your customer you can be more effective in anticipating/understanding needs and catering to them. This is particularly important in the sales process. As your organization becomes more mobile and nimble, your sales force can be better equipped to engage customers. Another essential aspect of top-line growth enabled by digital change is brand management. It is now easier than ever to guide a brand with a well-managed marketing strategy–but don’t worry, you don’t need to be the expert. True to form, digital disruption has changed the advertising industry and many small “marketing boutiques” are available remotely that specialize in digital marketing and promotion.


Customer Touch Points

One of the greatest benefits of technology in the customer experience is speed and response time. Especially in competitive, commoditized industries where products are hard to differentiate, customers look more and more for speed, access and convenience. Companies can more readily engage customers through social media, targeted mobile push notifications and ensure 24/7 access to solutions, products or service information, payment, scheduling and ordering.


The fast evolving digital landscape has broadened your ability as an organizational leader to transform the customer experience. Through understanding your customers, driving top-line growth and increasing the quality and quantity of customer touch points, your company will better be able to serve customers who will in turn spread the word to their broad and easy to reach social networks.

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