An Entrepreneurs’ Gift

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An Entrepreneurs’ Gift



Lights, presents, family, food and more food. Everybody loves the holidays. A time when people seem to be a little nicer and just a little more giving. In light of the holiday season, David Hagenbuch, Associate Professor of Marketing at Messiah College and founder of gives a shout out to entrepreneurs and their gifts to the world.


The 3 Gifts Entrepreneurs Give to the World:

1. Ideas

“We live in a society where it’s so easy to be a critic and point out what’s wrong in what others have done. Meanwhile, it’s much more challenging to create — to come up with a new approach that no one has ever thought of before, or to make an incremental improvement to an already good concept. Such new ideas are golden.

“New ideas also implant a sense of optimism and hope: We don’t need to accept the status quo. Things can be different. Things can be better.”


2. Innovations

“Innovations from entrepreneurs such as Johannes Gutenberg, Henry Ford and Steve Jobs have enriched humanity throughout history and transformed our world. From the minute we wake in the morning until the moment we lay down to sleep at night, entrepreneurial products and services facilitate our work, play and nearly every other activity we perform.”


3. Employment

“Many professions offer extraordinary gifts to individuals and society: physicians give health, teachers impart wisdom, judges bestow justice, counselors offer direction and soldiers provide protection. What do entrepreneurs give of such significance? Jobs.

“To provide another with gainful employment is one of the most profound gifts one can give. While doctors heal people physically, business owners heal people economically. A job allows someone to provide for his/her own needs as well as those of loved ones and even others. Employment is much more than financial security, however. For most people, meaningful work helps provide them with a sense of purpose and supports their self-worth.”


For these three reasons, today GQ Law would like to say ‘thank you’ to all of you entrepreneurs out there. It’s that spirit of innovation, creation and giving that employs our families, drives our economy and gives us opportunity.


From one entrepreneur to another, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!