Heart Attack! Get Away From Me!

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On the Craig Sewing Show on Wednesday, Craig and I talked about ideas on maintaining a healthy heart.

I was saddened by the death of Michael Clarke Duncan due to heart problems. Since I am his age, it makes me pay attention to the cause of his death.

Craig found a list of suggestions to maintain heart health. Some I am not sure about, but bear mentioning. So think about it and do your own research. Do what works best for you – but . . .


Here you go:

1. Ask your dad how your grandparents died—and when.
2. Eat vitamin C-rich foods like citrus fruits.
3. Snack on cherries.
4. Soak up the sun.
5. Spice up your food. When researchers at the Chinese University of Hong Kong studied the effects of capsaicinoids—compounds that lend flavor to chili peppers and jalapenos—in hamsters, rodents fed the spicy foods showed lower levels of LDL (“bad”) cholesterol
6. Shed your spare tire.
7. Keep a water bottle by your desk. 8oz
8. Take a glass-half-full attitude. Be an optimist.
9. Start your morning with grapefruit.
10. Swig cranberry juice. 3 cups daily.
11. Pick whole grains, nuts, and beans
12. Eat a burger—just make sure it’s grass-fed.  loaded with heart-protective vitamin E.
13. Clean house. Just 2.5 per week of chores like mowing the lawn or carrying groceries helps circulation.
14. Schedule a checkup. Even if you’re in your 20s, you could benefit from a cardiovascular risk assessment.
17. Fill up on fiber.


18. Listen to the Craig Sewing Show weekdays 6 – 8pm on 1170 KCBQ and catch the “health nut” segment. I am on with Craig every Wednesday 6 – 8pm.

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