IRS Big News!!

Posted on Jun 22, 2012 in San Diego Lawyer | Comments Off on IRS Big News!!

Nice IRS!  Kinder? Gentler?  


As of April the IRS changed its policy on Direct Debit Installment Agreements raising the amount of qualifying outstanding tax to “less than $50,000”, up from the previous $25,000. Great idea!! Great news!

But, you would think they trained all their agents about it. Not so. I spend hours on the phone talking to agents who do not know the new “policy” or “guideline” exists. 

Why does this happen? I suppose that since the IRS is the largest collection agency in the world, it has limited resources for getting the word to all its agents. Is that a good reason? Not in my mind. This new policy could make it much easier for delinquent taxpayers to resolve tax problems – but it seems to have suffered an implementation failure! 

Did you know that the Federal Government has proposed seizing the Passports of traveling US Citizens if they have an unresolved IRS situation of over $50,000.  Imagine after making all the arrangements to travel for business, personal, or otherwise and having the US Customs Agent seize your Passport. “Sorry sir, you can’t travel because the IRS says you owe them money!!!!!” “You will have to stay here, but your family can go on ahead” 

Looks like you still need a professional to help slug through the frustrating administrative process. 

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