Leadership Series: Conflict

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 Leadership Series: Conflict


Conflict. A word feared by many and a topic avoided by most everyone. But should it be that way?

The answer is: NO

In fact, conflict is essential to drive results. Now, we’re not talking about yelling at your co-workers or bashing people–but healthy conflict. The kind that is based on trust, engenders commitment and accountability and leads to action. Have you ever heard the saying, “if we both see things the same way, one of us isn’t necessary”?

Patrick Lencioni, author of The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, provides an excellent model for how to ensure that your team is prepared for and willing to engage in healthy conflict, all in order to seek truth and the best solution possible.

He explains that teams fall apart for five main reasons–here they are listed in hierarchical order from bottom to top.


5 Dys

The words to the right of the pyramid’s segments are symptoms of the conditions listed segments to the left. If you feel any of these symptoms in your organization, family, group or team, then you know where to start!

The first and perhaps most important piece to overcoming these issues is trust. Once there is trust, you can engage in conflict without people becoming hurt or defensive. When people can express themselves openly and honestly, they can commit to decisions made and will be willing to accept accountability for their actions. And finally, if people are holding each other and themselves accountable, results will follow.

So where do you and your team lie on the pyramid? Do you ever feel like you need to hold back? Or that even if you disagree, you can’t say so? Perhaps you feel unclear on the objective and therefore don’t feel like it’s your fault that things aren’t going well.

Start at trust and work your way up. From there, conflict is impersonal and for the greater good of everyone involved.

We wish you the best in seeking truth and clearing the pathway to achieving success!


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