Leadership Series: Storytelling

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Leadership Series: Storytelling

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A key role of any leader is to inspire. A very effective way to inspire is through storytelling.

Think of some of the most compelling accounts from history and how they’ve shaped us. The amazing tale of the forefathers and how they claimed the independence of the United States as the pilgrims immigrated across the ocean and began a new life. The great leadership of George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and others and their incredible histories. All of these stories engender in US citizens a spirit of values, self-reliance and independence.

Now think of your family history. What stories shape your core beliefs and have motivated you to become who you are?

Now, what about entertainment? The vast majority of the most famous movies and books of all times, all contained incredible stories.

But storytelling isn’t just for history and entertainment. It has great business application as well.

Let’s consider what’s known as “The Hero’s Journey.” This is the pattern that makes the best stories come to life. Below is an image detailing this process.


For a more detailed understanding of each element, see the website linked here.

So how can this apply to you as a business leader? Consider the story of your company. Undoubtedly you lived in an ordinary world, perhaps working for someone else. But then you had the idea put on your mind that you could “do your own thing” and call your own shots. You thought through the idea but became apprehensive about the uncertain income. All until you decided to call a trusted friend, adviser or mentor who encouraged you to take the leap, and so you do. Since then you’ve run into trials, you’ve found business partners and you’ve discovered your competitors.

Then perhaps you had to discover something more to grow you company and make an investment that was either going to make or break the business. Lo and behold, just before losing it all, that investment becomes the pivotal part of your company and the key to success in the future. You now continue a newly equipped enterprise with the wisdom to continue growing.

This is a model for telling any story and it will communicate your stories to your employees, customers and stakeholders.

We encourage you to use this model throughout presentations, in your marketing or in your day to day with those you work. It works and you’ll see the results!