New Series: Analysis for Managers

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New Series: Analysis for Managers

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An essential capability of managers is the ability to analyze. Analyze situations, numbers, markets, trends, products, people, financials, and more. For that reason, we’re excited to launch our newest series: Analysis for Managers.

This new series will feature posts on everything from the cognitive process of analysis to analyzing financial ratios and a business’ customer base.

But before you decide that you’re exempt from “this type of thing” and your not planning to read our upcoming posts because you “never liked math in school” or “you’re not a numbers person,” take heart from the famous statistician, Edward Tufte. He wisely taught: “If the statistics are boring, then you’ve got the wrong numbers.”

The numbers you read in high school about John approaching Jane at x miles/hour and Jane approaching John at y miles/hour were, most likely, “the wrong numbers” –and for that reason, you used to get bored. But when we start to discuss metrics such as your company’s income per employee, the dollar amount of liquid assets you need to operate your business (working capital) or time series analysis to understand market trends, you’ll start to be much more interested. Moreover–these posts won’t all be about numbers!

We look forward to discussing and learning together over these next few months and hope you join us in learning to be better, more analytical, managers. We promise the return on investment (ROI) of your time will be positive!