October 15th: Tax Day the Sequel

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october 15 tax day

October 15th: Tax Day the Sequel

We all know the dreaded April 15th is Tax Day. However, there is a less infamous cousin of Tax Day: October 15th, the deadline to file taxes for those who received an extension for filing.

The IRS allows taxpayers to request a six month extension to complete their taxes. I am sure those businesses and individuals immediately felt a sense of relief at the time when their extensions were granted. Last year, over 12 million individuals requested an extension according to the IRS.

Fast forward six months, and the dreaded October 15th deadline is looming over their heads again if they had not planned ahead. Understandably, life gets busy and people put off dealing with their taxes when more immediate matters require their attention, especially if they run small businesses.

So this is a friendly reminder to all you extension filers out there to do your taxes by October 15th!

It is important to remember that the six month extension is for filing only; it does not extend the time you have to pay your tax liability without penalties. What if you cannot afford the taxes you owe the IRS or are having other tax related problems?

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