Protecting Your Online Reputation for Entrepreneurs

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Protecting Your Online Reputation


As an entrepreneur or new business owner, protecting your online reputation is essential.

Whether or not you run your business online, in our tech savvy and internet dependent world, your online reputation is key to success as a business owner.

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“Before the Internet connected the entire world, your business reputation was something that you built, not managed. Fallout from the customer complaints you couldn’t fix was of limited scope. Today, the Internet acts like a lens that magnifies every blemish, perceived insult and mistake—and then broadcasts it with a bullhorn.”


Just one negative review by a customer on a review site like Yelp or Google can seriously damage your reputation and eventually, your business’ bottom line.

The Time article suggests the following to better manage your online reputation:

  • Don’t Ignore the Internet: Even if your business is not run online, it can be found online. Run a Google search of your name as well as your business name and see what you find.
  • Know What You Can Control: Rather than referring your customers to review sites for more information about your business, focus your energy on improving your ranking in Google search results and providing interesting content on your website that will help your customers.
  • Guard Your Own Reputation:  You can either do this by hiring a reputable company (not one that creates multiple accounts to dump positive information about you into cyberspace- this can hurt your reputation more than help it) or by using free tools like Google Alerts, TweetBeep andMonitorThis, among others.

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