Optimistic Entrepreneurs

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Optimistic Entrepreneurs


San Diego is home to many optimistic entrepreneurs- why not join them! San Diego entrepreneur and San Diego business attorney Gary Quackenbush can help!



According to a recent Union Tribune article, San Diego entrepreneurs have hit an all time high in optimism. The article references the Union Bank Small Business Economy Survey, a survey of 631 entrepreneurs on the West Coast. The survey found that overall, business owners have the most optimistic outlook since 2012 with nearly one third of surveyed entrepreneurs havaing hired new employees in 2014. Nine out of 10 San Diego business owners feel their businesses are moving in the right direction. At the same time, those entrepreneurs aren’t too optimistic with most planning to keep spending at the same levels as last year.

Another interesting finding is that 26 percent of San Diego business owners plan to move their businesses out of state, most referenced the tax burden as the reason for their wanting to move. If you own a small business a need some help understanding the tax burden, fellow San Diego small business owner and business attorney Gary Quackenbush can help. You can even set up a free initial consultation to get started talking about your business.

Gary can also help you set up your business properly. One of the hardest things about business is getting started and having the right set up (LLC, Corporation, Sole Proprietorship, etc.) can get you off on the right foot and headed in the right direction faster.

With all this entrepreneurial optimism in the air in San Diego, why not get your business started today? Call Gary at 858-549-8600.

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