Protecting Your Business: Cyber Security

Posted on Dec 18, 2013 in Cyber Security, Small Business, Tips for Entrepreneurs | Comments Off on Protecting Your Business: Cyber Security

Protecting Your Business Online

Cyber security is something on every business owner’s mind. Protecting your business and client information is a big worry with all the recent big company hacks.
How do I protect my confidential information? How can I make sure my client information is not collected by a hacker? Here are a few tips to help keep your company protected.

1. Charge your phones and tablets at home or in the office. Hackers have created fake USB chargers. They look like real chargers and may be available in public places. These fake chargers steal data when an individual plugs in a smart phone, iPhone or other device.

2. Look for signs of phishing in emails. Phishing attacks against businesses are common. Criminals insert viruses into a company’s computer networks through phishing emails. Most of these attacks occur early or late in the day when employees are less alert. Some signs that an email might be a phishing email include misspelled words, improper grammar, links in the email, threats that something negative will happen if you do not click the link, and unprofessional looking emails from a big name company.

3. Regularly update security software. While security software updates may sometimes seem pricey, or annoying, they are worth every penny and moment of your time. Updates are necessary to keep your computers and networks protected as Internet browsers and operating systems change. Get rid of unneeded data such as outdated client lists and information and encrypt any information you store in the cloud.