Putting the Thanks into Thanksgiving

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Putting the Thanks into Thanksgiving



As an American National holiday, Thanksgiving has root in the 1620’s beginning as a celebration in gratitude for a much needed harvest in combination with gratitude for much needed and recently acquired freedoms. Thanksgiving is meant to commemorate a life of opportunity and abundance. But, in reality, does thanks seem to be the focus of the day? Oftentimes Thanksgiving ends up being more about turkey, pie and side dishes—this year, let’s take on the “THANKS-giving challenge” and put the thanks back into Thanksgiving.


Step one:

  • Pick a person you’d like to come closer to—a significant other, friend, child, co-worker, anyone


Step two:

  • Take 30 seconds daily for a time period of your choice—weeks, months, a year, etc.—and record something specific that you appreciate about this person


Step three:

  • Share the results with the person you chose in step one


Darren Hardy, publisher of SUCCESS Magazine, shares about his experience in doing this activity with his wife:

“When I gave it [the journal] to her the following Thanksgiving, she cried, calling it the best gift she’d ever received. (Even better than the BMW I’d given her for her birthday!) The funny thing was that the person most affected by this gift was me. All that journaling forced me to focus on my wife’s positive aspects. I was consciously looking for all the things she was doing “right.” That heartfelt focus overwhelmed anything I might have otherwise complained about. I fell deeply in love with her all over again (maybe even more than ever, as I was seeing subtleties in her nature and behavior instead of her more obvious qualities). My appreciation, gratitude, and intention to find the best in her was something I held in my heart and eyes each day.”

We promise similar outcomes for you and the person you choose. So let’s take the challenge to put the thanks back into Thanksgiving and become grateful, appreciative people. We look forward to hearing the results.

Happy Thanksgiving and THANK YOU for being our friends and associates!

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