It Pays to Be a Small Business

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It Pays to Be a Small Business

Sometimes small business owners feel like they’re left in the shadow of bigger businesses but that’s not always a bad thing.

Small businesses are flexible businesses, that flexibility is a competitive advantage. Larger institutions mean larger risk and more complexity so big businesses often struggle to change, even when the market calls for it. Small businesses can adapt and change to meet the current market needs as they arise.

Small Businesses also have the advantage when it comes to customer relationships.
In our world of online communication and automation, customers are pleasantly surprised when they can connect with a real person. Small business owners and employees are more available to their customers, giving customers a personal connection not only to the owner and employees, but to the business itself.

Since your customer base is also your most important asset, building strong customer relationships is key to small business success. A big part of building customer relationships is to clearly define your product. Remember, this may not always be what shows up on your invoices. While Starbucks does sells coffee, their most valuable product is the community feel. FedEx ships packages but sells dependability. What does your business sell?

As we head in to the second month of this new year, what are you going to do to take advantage of your small business’ flexibility? How are you going to improve customer relationships?

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