Tax Return Extension Deadline TODAY

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Tax Return Extension Deadline TODAYtax-deadline

Thirteen million taxpayers requested an extension (more time) to file their federal tax returns. TODAY is the deadline for most of those people, an automatic 6 months after tax day, April 15.

If you are one of the many who took advantage of the extension, here are a few things you should know.

File online. You can still hurry and file you return online (aka e-file) with IRS Free File via through midnight tonight. E-file is a safe, easy and accurate way to file your taxes. There are also a variety of tax filing programs that can help you e-file and make sure you get the maximum refund.

Use direct deposit. If you are due a refund, sign up to receive it via direct deposit; 8 out of 10 tax payers who filed in April chose to use it. Its your best bet to get your money fast, usually within just 21 days.

Pay online. If you are one who owes taxes, its best to pay them with IRS Direct Pay. Its simple and quick. Pay from your checking or savings account for free, or check the site for other payment options like debit or credit card payments, Electronic Funds Transfer, etc.

File on time! HURRY! File today to avoid a late filing penalty ($$!). If you owe taxes and cannot pay them in full, pay as much as you can today to minimize interest and penalties for late payments. You can use the Online Payment Tool to ask for more time to pay or file Form 9465, Installment Agreement Request, with your return.

List adapted from IRS Newswire

As always, GQ Law is here to help. If you miss the deadline, already owe back taxes or just feel generally overwhelmed by your current tax situation, come see us! We have been helping San Diegans get their taxes straightened out since 1989 and are confident we can help you! Call today 858-549-8600.



The information in this post is not a substitute for professional, legal advice. Please come see us so we can advise you on your particular tax situation.


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