Tax Time with The Quackenbush Report

Posted on Apr 25, 2012 in San Diego Lawyer | Comments Off on Tax Time with The Quackenbush Report

Welcome to the Quackenbush Report.

Tax season has ended – for now at least – and the big rush to file returns of extensions by April 17, 2012, has ebbed. I did it again – I filed my extension last-minute – after all but the main Post Office on midway had closed. The trip was sort of an adventure – a tax-season ritual for me. As a financial solutions attorney I deal will all kinds of tax situations for clients so I never like to file my own tax return during the April 15th crush. 

So back to my last-minute trip to the post-office. I followed the traffic cones and traffic control people in front of the post office. As I approached the bright lights at the front of the line, a nice white-gloved woman cheerfully relieved me of my envelope. It was done – I am extended! 

The IRS has its was to get money from you if you owe. This year the have all sorts of new rules that we are dealing with. Helping clients through the IRS and California Franchise Board tax mazes is my job. I like the challenge. After 24 years of doing it, I am just glad to be able to help. Dealing the IRS on your own is awful, scarey, and not a good idea. 

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See you next time. 


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