The “Founder’s Mentality”

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The Founder’s Mentality


Remember the days where you woke up excited, energized and optimistic about your business? When there was vitality, innovation and agility? Now you wake up, slump through your morning routine and drag into work to face all of your day’s challenges. There are endless meetings, approvals to sign, phone calls to answer and emails to reply to. And you wonder how this is any different than the corporate job you so readily avoided when you began your own company.

The remedy? Bain & Company calls it the “Founder’s Mentality.” They teach:

“Young disruptive companies with ambitious founders know how to deliver on the front line. If they want to sustain growth in the long term, they will have to achieve scale without losing their insurgent mindset.”

The definition of insurgent from is, “rising in active revolt… a rebel or revolutionary.” Are you at war on behalf of your customer? You used to be!

It’s time to bring that back. To burn out the bureaucracy, bring back the innovation and start moving fast! When you think like a founder, you put it all on the line because every dollar is yours. Think back to the days when you started the company. What was it that made you passionate? What was it that got you up early and kept you up late? Write it down, put a note on your desk or picture on your wall but never forget what gave you the “Founder’s Mentality”!


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