Tips for Hiring Top Talent

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Tips for Hiring Top Talent



Every business owner knows how difficult, time consuming and expensive the hiring process can be. And on the other hand, every business owner knows how powerful and impactful a great new hire can be for the business. For that reason Andre Lavoie, CEO and Co-Founder of ClearCompany offers his advice on hiring. Here are his five key points:


1. Avoid basic, run-of-the-mill searches.

“Generic skill or technical-based searches, while applicable, will result in people who simply mention those terms in their resumes. Instead, try including detailed terms that focus on responsibility, such as create, manage, administer, design and configure.”


2. Take advantage of multiple sources.

Searching social media, hosting open houses and getting involved in community events are fantastic ways to get closer to talent.


3. Dig a well before you’re thirsty.

“When sourcing for one position, keep quality talent in mind for future positions. Sourcing gives employers and hiring managers an opportunity to connect with talent long before the need ever arises, which makes filling job openings with qualified candidates that much easier.”


4. Leverage, but don’t depend on, your tracking system.

“A company’s applicant tracking system (ATS) isn’t just great for storing resumes and running reports, it’s also a valuable sourcing tool.” However, Andre continues that, “a good majority of resumes in an ATS are discarded for not containing the right keywords. But the one word an ATS can’t find? Potential.”


5. Don’t post and pray.

“According to LinkedIn’s 2015 Global Recruiting Trends Report, 75 percent of professionals consider themselves “passive” candidates — that’s an awful lot of potential candidates that job posts don’t cater to. But by incorporating some of the candidate sourcing best practices outlined above, employers and hiring managers can take a more proactive approach to find great talent for their company.”


Hiring shouldn’t be the drag it’s often made out to be. It should be a process of discovery and merits as much or more attention than your top or bottom lines. We wish you luck in finding and hiring the best!



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