Working with Gen Y, the Millennials

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Tips for Working with Gen Y, the Millennials

With each new graduating class, more and more millennials are entering the workforce. Although Gen Y, a.k.a. “millennials,” born between the early 1980s and 2000, are often viewed as lazy or entitled this new generation can be a great asset to your business. Read on to learn how to make working with Gen Y employees a strength for your business.


Gen Y Strengths

– Tech savvy, especially with social media- Strong multi-taskers
– Hold high expectations of themselves and employers- Prefer to collaborate and work in teams- Seek to be constantly learning on the job

Tips for working with millennials

1. Since millennials tend to want a lot of feedback-give it to them! They often thrive on frequent feedback and work well with a more senior mentor in the office.2. Embrace technology. Tap in to the great understanding (and often love for) technology to help move your business and your staff in a more tech-friendly direction. More millennials in the workforce also means more millennials will become your clients and customers so this improved technology will help grow your business.3. Most millennials think making a social difference at work is even more important than receiving professional recognition. Finding ways for your business to support a cause will allow millennial employees feel more connected to the company.For more information about working with younger employees read the full article at Business News DailyFor your other small business formation, financial and estate planning needs . . .

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