Phishing: IRS Tax Scams 2015

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Phishing: IRS Tax Scams 2015

phishing_graphic_smWe recently warned our followers about the recent IRS tax scam alerts about phone scams and are back today to let you know about another one of the scams the IRS lists as part of the “Dirty Dozen” tax scams for the 2015 filing season: phishing.

Phishing is a problem across the board, not just from scammers posing as the IRS, so its important that everyone understand and learn to recognize the signs of a phishing attempt. In our post from December 18th, 2013, we taught you all about cyber security, specifically with regard to protecting your business but the same principles apply. Then remember how on December 19th members of our staff were victims of phishing attempts through a Verizon Wireless text message that was supposedly from US Bank.

Just like we learned in our study of phishing back in 2013, the IRS warns specifically about online phishing attempts in which scammer pretend to be someone they are not (US Bank or the IRS for example) and create an urgent situation (your bank account has been emptied, your IRS taxes are due tomorrow or you may be arrested) in order to get you to give out personal identification information (phone, address, social security number, bank info, etc.)

Phishing scams often use fake websites that pose as legitimate ones to lure in victims and get information necessary for the criminals to commit identity theft, take your money or worse.

If you receive an unsolicited email that seems to be a phishing attmpt by someone posing to be the IRS, they ask that you report it my sending the email to The IRS works closely with the Department of Justice to shut down any and all phishing attempts as soon as possible.

For more information on phishing and what to look for to identify a phishing email please see our cyber security post or visit the IRS phishing scams website.